Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bandarban beauty of Nature

Bandarban is a part of the Chittagong Division and Chittagong Hill Tracts. Badarban Is a wonderful place  Sky and clouds are  here. It is filled with green hills, fountains and small waterfalls.

R you want to make exciting experience then visit this unique hill track in the chittagong region. The highest peak of Bangladesh, watch the sun rise from the flat top Tiger Hill, and visit the Golden Temple of the Buddhist.

The most beautiful Place in Boga Lake, Buddha Dhatu Jadi, Chimbuk Hill and Tribal Villages, Keokradong, Meghla and Nilachal, Mirinja Parjatan, Nafakhum and Remakri, Nilgiri and Thanchi, Prantik Lake, Rijuk Waterfall, Sangu River, Shoilo Propat, Tajingdong, Upabon Parjatan, Raj Vihar and Ujanipara Vihar

Boga Lake
Boga Lake is the most beautiful lake in Bangladesh. This is the only Hill-lake of Bangladesh. You will definitely be amazed looking at the boga lake. If u can made a camp fire the  lake side, that will be unbelievable and mind-blowing moment in your hole life.

Chimbuk Hill
Chimbuk Hill is one of the High peaks in Bangladesh. This is third highest mountain in Bangladesh. The road are  zigzag on this area. this is Beautiful place. However when you are looking down from Chimbuk, you will get amazing feelings of floating over the clouds. It’s a Great Feelings. 

The Second Highest Peak of Mountain of Bangladesh. This all area is fill of natural beauty. Here you can see many small and big mountains and hills. .



Nafakhum is One of the most beautiful place Bangladesh. There is most beautiful waterfalls & excellent place in Bangladesh. Amazing view of the waterfall during this time



Remakri falls

Any one wanted to journey the Adventure then most go there. It,s also beautiful place.


Prantik Lake 

Prantik Lake is really beautiful place in Bandarban. This lake is surrounded by many kind of plants and trees and birds. Pure natural view. 

Rijuk waterfal
In this place creating a unique beauty of nature. This lake is surrounded many kinds of plant. You can go there any time but during the rainy season you will see the most attractive glance of this fall. very nice and huge waterfall with awesome natural beauty.

Sangu River
This river is complete part of the natural beauty. All the way you will be thrilled only and it is simply amazing.


Shaila Propat

Shaila Propat is the icon of Natural view.


Tajingdong is the highest mountain of Bangladesh. Great hill with Wild  view According to nature.

Upavon Parjatan

Upabon Parjatan is another beautiful Place in Bandarban at Naikhongchari. It is wonderful gift of nature. Here is an amazing lake surrounded by forest. 


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